About Us

About Us

We’re a group with very high sex-drives  and far from ashamed of it. The Black Sex & The City Online Magazine evolved from a blog based on erotic diary entries of first hand sex stories, real-life characters under pseudonyms and the complexities of those interactions. This blog became quite popular within a short period and evolved into a full Online Magazine about Sex, Sensuality,Seduction and the Art of it all.

We don’t condone careless promiscuity, but we understand that a Great Sex Session is the last we free pleasure we have. And Tax-Free too! We also happen to be intellectuals with professions in the Finance and Legal world. Our uniqueness in approach stems from our professional outlook paired with our street smarts from inner city New Yorker upbringings.

We’re down to earth because we come from humble beginnings. Our gems of wisdom are from our collective unique life experiences and the elders that we refer to. So Sit back. Relax. We encourage you to engage, to ask questions, to be outrageous- we look forward to actually learning from you too.

Your feedback and views are valued. We understand that some people are hyper-sensitive and here is not the place for them, but we ask that you not be objectively rude to other readers. Don’t worry folks- we got your back in here! Questions? Concerns? Reach us at BlackSexAndTheCity@Gmail.Com


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